Alexander Pope English Poet & Satirist The Rape of the lock
A. Tennyson English Poet In Memoriam, Ulysses, The Lady of shalott
Andrew Marvell English Poet The Peace, The clouds
Aristotle Greak Philosopher Politics
Bertrand Russel British Philosopher Marriage and Morals
Charles Darwin English Writer Origin of Species
Charles Dickens English Novelist Oliver twist, Great Expectations, The Pickwick Paper
Christopher Marlowe British Dramatist Dr. Faustus, The jew of Malta
D.H. Lawrence Eng. Novelist & Poet Lady Chatterleys lover
Defoe Eng. Journalist and Novelist Robinson crusoe, Moll Flanders
Dylan Thomas English Poet and Journalist Eighteen Poems, Under Milk wood
E.M. Foster English novelist A passage to India, Longest Journey
Edger Allan Poe American short story writer The Raven
Francis Bacon Essayist Novum Organum
Geoffrey Chaucer Father of English Poetry Canterbury Tales, The legend of Good women
George Barned shaw Irish Dramatist Man and Superman, Candida, Arms and the Man
George Eliot Author/Novelist Silas Marner, Adam Bede
Homer Greek Epic poet Odessey, Iliad
Jane Austen Woman Novelist Pride and Prijudice, Sense and Sensibility
John Milton English poet Paradise lost, Paradise Regained
Leo Tolstoy Russian Author War and Peace
Lord Byron Romantic Poet Don Juan
Maxim Gorky Russian Author Mother, My childhood
Oscar Wilde Poet and Novelist An Ideal husband.
P.B. Shelley English Poet Ozymandias, Ode to the west wind, To a skylark, Prometheus unbound, Adonais
Robert Herrick English Poet To Daffodils.
S.T. Coleridge Romantic Poet Kubla Khan, Ancient Mariner, Biographia Literaria.
Shakespeare Greatest English Poet and Dramatist Macbeth, Hamlet, As you like it, Romeo and Juliet, Othelo, The Tempest.
T.S. Eliot Poet and Play writer Murder in the Cathedral.
Thomas Carlyle English writer Past and President
Thomas Gray English Poet Ode to Adversity
Thomas Kyd Play writer The spanish Tragedy
W.B. Yeats Irish Poet The Tower.
William Blake English Poet Songs of Innocence and Experience
W.M. Thackery English Novelist Vanity Fair
William Wordsworth Romantic poet, Poet of Nature Lyrical Ballads, The prelude, The Daffodils, Michael, Tintern Abbey.