One words Substitution

Category: English
Posted on: Sunday, September 17, 2017


Money paid regularly to former wife or husband Alimony
Commencement of words with the same letter Alliteration
Medicine which lessens pain Anodyne
A person who undertakes a journey to a holy place A pilgrim
A place for keeping birds Aviary.
A place for keeping bees Apiary
One who deserts his religion Apostate
Small piece of food Crumb
Small piece of wood or glass Chip
Behavior or language that show lack of respect for God or religion (syn. Sacrilege) Blasphemy
The art of good handwriting Calligraphy
A body of customers Clientele
Eating only flesh Carnivorous
Use of more words than necessary to express a meaning Circumlocution
Time after twilight and before night Dusk
A place for wild beasts Den
A place for production of milk Dairy
A body of voters Electorate
Who enjoys foods and drinks of high quality Epicure
Murder of many people Genocide
Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted Heresy
A song embodying religious and sacred emotions Hymn
Eating only vegetables Herbivorous
The fear of water Hydrophobia
Property in inherited from one’s father or ancestor Inheritance
A person who enters without any invitation Intruder
A place for keeping dogs Kennel
Money or property given to someone by somebody when they die Legacy
A paper written by hand Manuscript
A place where money is coined Mint.
Eating all kinds of foods Omnivorous
The people who carry coffin at a funeral Pallbearers
A cure for all diseases Panacea
A situation in which there is lots of noise and confusion Pandemonium
Who copies another person’s ideas or work & advertises as their own Plagiarist
Anything written in a latter after it is signed Postscript
A process involving too much official formality Red-tapism.
An office or post with no work but high pay Sinecure
A place for keeping horses Stable.
Lack of required words Taciturn
One who pretends illness to escape duty or classes Truant
Full of too many words Verbose.
The art of speaking without moving the leaps Ventriloquism