Is “Good Ethics promotes Good Business” explain

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Posted on: Monday, September 18, 2017


Well known authorities like Raymond Baumhart, Brener and moltander etc proves in their finding that only those business can exists on a long term basis which conduct their activities on ethical grounds. Their findings were supported by learned, doolby and Katz. At the same time, there are certain other who do not accept this findings that “good ethics promotes good business.” Although they are few in numbers, their agreements cannot be overlooked.

The following paragraphs give the arguments in favour and against, “good ethics promotes good business.”
Arguments in Favour :


Some of the important arguments in favour is as follows :
(i) Satisfaction of sub conscious mind.
(ii) Goodwill of Business and Businessman
(iii) It increases Mutual Trust and confidence.
(iv) Sound Business Insurance.
(v) Helps in Professionalisation of management.
(vi) Initiative for others.
(vii) Relieves from Tensions and worries.
(viii) Greater zeal and productivity.
(ix) Perpetual succession.
(x) Essential in the present situation
Arguments against the view of “Good Ethics promote Good Business” :


The critics gives the following argument in support of their claim :
(i) No reward for ethical conduct.
(ii) No resistance from officers.
(iii) Demand of the day.
(iv) Difficult to decide in a situation of dilemma.