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KajKhuji - Various approaches of the Management thought along with the origination period and the major contributors


The various approaches to management can be divided into the following major schools :-

 (A) The Classical Approach :

(i) Scientific Management : Time Period (1900 – 1930), Introduced by (F. W. Taylor).

(ii) Administrative or Functional Approach : Henry Fayol (1916 – 1940).

(iii) Organisational Theory Approach : Max Wabor, C. I. Bernard, H.A. Simon.

 (B) Neo Classical Approach :

(i) Human Relation Approach : George Elton Mayo (1924 -1932).

(ii) Behavioural Science Approach : Herzberg, Fred Fiedler, Mclellend, Likert etc. (1950 -1970)

 (C) Modern Approach :

(i) Quantitative or Management Science Approach : (1950 -1960).

(ii) System Approach : Ludwig Von Bertalanffy (1960 onwards).

(iii) Contingency Approach : Tosi and Hammer (1970 onwards).