Private Bank Viva Experience (Exim Bank)

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Posted on: Tuesday, September 19, 2017


EXIM Bank Viva Experience:

1. ki koren?
=Sir, I am not currently employed.
2.Libya’r Mudrar name ki?
3. ADB’r chairman er name ki?
4. IDB’r chairman er name ki?
thik ache, aste paren..

2 din dhore subjective+Bank related topic vaja vaja kore felleo currency ar chairman er name gula pori nai.. tarporeo WB, IMF, New Development Bank jana chilo..kintu ja jigacihe, ektao pari nai.
Good Bye Exim..

Fakrul Islam Razu


My viva experience in National Bank Ltd.
Position: Probationary Officer
Date: 10-09-15
Subject: Accounting
Me: May I come in sir?
1st: Yes, come in. Sit down.
Me: Thanks sir.
1st: Shaheen Mahmud, where you from?
Me: I’m from Jagannath University & home district is Sirajganj.
1st: Where do you reside?
Me: I reside in Dhaka.
1st: With your family or whom?
Me: No sir. They are in Sirajganj. I’m here alone?
1st: In a single room?
Me: No sir, with my friends.
1st: Why you choose bank?
Me: Because this is the most prospective sector in recent times.
1st: Most prospective? Then what is BCS cadre, Doctor, engineering?
Me: Sir, it’s from my perspective because I’m from business background.
1st: What will you do if you are not selected in NBL?
Me: Sir, I’ll try more for better.
1st: In NBL or any bank?
Me: Any bank sir.
1st: You studied AIS. What’s the profit of a company? Asset or liability?
Me: Sir liability.
1st: Why?
Me: Because it’ll be distributed to the shareholders of the company.
2nd: What is entity concept?
Me: Entity concept implies that company is separate from its owners.
1st: What are the major difference between Preferred stock & common stock?
Me: Preferred stockholders get preference in the profit distribution.
2nd: What are the methods of inventory valuation?
Me: Sir, there are two methods of inventory valuation – Perpetual Inventory System & Periodical Inventory System.
2nd: Explain both.
Me: Sorry sir, can’t recall.
2nd: What’s NIFO?
Me: Last In First Out (I heard LIFO)
2nd: It’s not LIFO, it’s NIFO.
Me: Sorry sir. (It will be Next In, First Out)
1st: What’s the golden rules of accounting?
Me: There are 3 types of golden rules of accounting. Personal A/C: Receiver – dr, giver – cr; Real A/C: What comes in-dr, what goes out-cr; Nominal A/C: all expenses-dr, all income-cr.
2nd: What’s your father?
Me: My father is an Agriculture Officer in my Upazilla.
2nd: How many brothers & sisters?
Me: I’m only son & I’ve three sisters.
1st: Thanks Shaheen. You may go.
Me: Thank you sir.
Viva was totally in English. Majhe moddhe gola shukiye giyeche & kichu kichu jaygay bolte giye elomelo hoyeche.