Students and Politics

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Posted on: Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Introduction: Student life, the best time of life, is for sowing the seeds future. So, the student life and politics are antagonistic things. But is a Matter of regret that our contemporary educational institutions are fully involved in politics and both the ruling and opposition party play the vital role to persist it forever. It is well known our citizens that this is creating a great mess in our normal life for involving then to grab the hall in their power to involve themselves in extortion, killing and hostage.

Present scenario in Bangladesh: It goes without saying that students and politics are moving on the same track in Bangladesh. From the present perspective of Bangladesh, it can be said undoubtedly that student politics has become a part and parcel in almost all the educational institutions. Over the years, students in colleges and university have begun to participate in politics. In fact, the politics of the campus has now become the offshoot of national politics. The political parties are keen to strengthen their base. Therefore, they have started to patronize different groups of students. There was time when the student politics was confident to educational institute issues. But the scene has completely changed today. The students politics is now associated with issues mainly. Of course, it is a matter of greet regret for developing country like Bangladesh.

Political patroness: The national leaders provide the students a lot of money and even arms for canvassing in the support of the party. They directly get involved in different kinds of national elections and local election. Students get cards, posters and banners printed for the purpose. They also obtain a lot of addresses and visit the voters. On the Election Day, loud speakers are used to call the voters, vehicles are use to bring the voters to the election center. Influential students are taken to the hotels and the restaurant for entertainment. For all these, a huge sum of money is given to the students wings by the concerned party. The most important point to be considered is that whether the students should be involved in the politics directly and actively, the reply is often in the negative. Even the President and the Prime minister have always been requesting the students not to participate in the politics directly. The reason is that the student life is the best time for building up their career. The objective of an army is to fight the enemy and defend the country's territorial integrity. The purpose if the police is to maintain law and order situation in the country. The function of the political leasers is to govern the nation effectively and fairly. In the way, the aim of the students is to acquire knowledge, gain a vast knowledge in different subjects and do well in the examinations. The students can take part in the social service if necessary particularly in the time of natural disaster. But when the students are out of the campus and get involved in national politics, they can do many unwanted actions in the society.

Pervasive students: If students participate in the politics actively as they are doing now-a-days, they will be misguided they will be misguided from the main purpose for which they are in the educational institutions. They will also keep themselves to the worst kind of exploitation by the politicians for theirs to the students is not for charity. They extract a high price for it at all costs. Owing to the allegiance to a particular party, students have to follow the direction of the party leaders whether they are right or wrong. Once elected to the post of president or Secretary to the university or a college students union, these students take their commands from the political bosses. They attend party meeting and have to do a lot of work. There is little time left for their studies.

Besides, if their patron party happens to be the party opposition, they are directed to create trouble in the campus. And since these students are in the grip of the political bosses, they arrange demonstration on party issues. Sometimes, they resort to gheraos of the university officials. They indulge in act of violence and destruction. Student wings of the party in power aim at keeping peace in the campus. They do so even suppressing the legitimate demands of their fellow students. Besides, there is clash between the rival groups of the students. Sometimes, students are to lose their live due to this battle in the campus. The educational institutions are closed down very often for it. It brings untold suffering to the general students.

Bad effect of politics: The politically active students in the campus are an important reason of in-discipline in the educational institutions. Student leader move in the campus arrogantly. They frequently absent themselves from the classes. They often behave badly with their teachers and the superiors. Thus, they set a bad example for their students. They politically involved students know well that they well be protected by the party leader so they take part in the acts of in- discipline fearlessly. In this way, the whole academic atmosphere is polluted. The authorities are generally reluctance to have conformation with the students leaders in the fear of prolonged strikes, demonstration etc.

In fact, politics is a subtle game meat for the shrewd individuals. So, involvement of students in the politics at a tender age is undesirable. There are not matured enough to understand the political implication. Many become the victims of the interested politicians. Once caught up in the net of politics, they can never come out of it. As a result, they spoil their academic career fir every. They have to repent in future.

Individual cautiousness: In this way, students have to be mindful of the studied which is the principal duty of them. They should not waste time doing unfair politics. Student life is the best time build up the career. This is the golden time for learning. This knowledge will last up to death. The habit and character formed during this time continues throughout their lives. Considering this, active and unfair politics should be avoided at all costs for the welfare of the individual, for the welfare of the family and above all for the welfare of the nation.

It is well known to all that politics in Bangladesh has been corrupt greatly. That is why; to be involved in the politics by the students is to be rotten. It should be feared as a ghost in the student life. The duty of the students is not politics. Their duty is to acquire knowledge and build up themselves suitably for the service of the nation. Once there was fair student politics in Bangladesh but it is no more here.

Pioneer of transparent politics:< br/> We know the name of Fazlul Haque, Hossen Sohrauddin, Vasani etc. They were dedicated to fair politics. That kind of political environment is no more today. So, it is better not to be involved in the student politics.

Pragmatic steps be taken: Some pragmatic steps will have to be taken to stop politics for the students. As education is the human right in our constitution, the government should ban student politics in the campus. Low and order should strictly be applied in this regard. The guardians or the parents should not allow their children to be involved in the politics. Social and political awareness will be needed for it. The bad effect of student politics has to be presented to the students by means of radio, television, newspaper and mass media.

Conclusion: In fact, students are the rudders of the nation. If they spoil their life by involving in foul politics, the nation has to suffer miserably. So, the students should keep away from politics by any means.