The Impact of Information and Communication Technology in Our Daily Life

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Posted on: Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Before going to the impact of information and communication technology (ICT), we shall have to know that what ICT is. ICT is basically comprised of communication technology and information technology. Technology related to date communication management, is called communication technology. On the other side, technologies related to data collection and its justification of authenticity and legitimacy, preservation, processing, modernizing, transportation, transmission and management, are called information technology. Information and communication technology which is popularly known as ICT is the talk of the time. Now it is very important and indispensable to the life of human being. Technology affects our daily life in everything that we do; it saves time, opens a get to new experience and makes travelling around the world easy. In this modern world it is called that information is power.

Information technology reduces the time its takes to perform everyday tasks. Information is working as the driving force in each and every sector of our daily life. ICT or IT industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world for its innumerable impacts on our daily life. Some positive impacts on information technologies are as follows:- 
(a) Medical practitioners use the technology for an accurate and swift diagnosis. 
(b) The technology has facilitated the communication with our near and dear ones in talking of eyes. 
(c) The technology is time saving. 
(d) By using the technology especially internet, students can know many things in educational sector of home and abroad. 
(e) Book of higher education can be read by using the technology sitting at home. 
(f) The technology also works as a tourist guide as trough it is a traveler can know many tourist spots around the world and above all. 
(g) It has made the transportation easier. 
(h) The technology has made private and group research work easier than before.

Every thing has its merits and demerits as well. ICT also involves such feature of the thing. But it has a few demerits against an ocean of merits. There is a terrible effect of internet especially on young generations. A great number of young people use internet negatively. The some sometimes make illegal friendship with opposite sex through internet connection; they watch obscene film and download it from internet source. In fact they become victim of cross cultural assault for their negative use of internet. Some days ago a British research team announces that lots of facebook users are now despondent about their own life. Hence it is clear that the information and communication technology also affects our daily life badly.

However, ICT has made our daily routine vaster saving time. Now, we can do more work than before with the help of ICT, the speediest mode of communication. Within a few seconds we can learn how daily life of the citizens of Syria, Egypt, Iraq and others through information and communication technology.